Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organising my life

Today, I organised my life; my expanding file full of all the important documents in my life.
This expanding file in particular, a pink cardboard one, was falling apart, and it made me think, "Is my life falling apart?"

At the moment my life consists of:

-Staying up late, sleeping through the day

-Browsing the Internet all day, occasionally blogging

-Cleaning my room every now and then

-Not getting the stuff on my to-do list done

-Feeling sorry for myself

-A decent savings account, but not that much fun

So today, I've decided to turn my life around, as much as I can at short notice.

-I've rang up TAFE SA, and asked when mid-year enrollments begin, and didn't get much information out of the woman except for "keep an eye on the website".
So that's what I will be doing. I'm tossing up between three courses. Certificate IV in Interior Design, Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) and a bar course which may have to be done outside of TAFE, as there is not a course close enough to me.

-I've stopped biting my nails, so hopefully I won't be sick as often as I won't have gross fingers in my mouth! I'll reward myself with a professional manicure once they have grown. So I have something to look forward to!

-I am getting a few more shifts at work, but as I have been fairly sick over the past two weeks, I had to turn a few short notice shifts down :(.

-My savings account is looking healthy once again, and money owed to me will be payed back this week and next, so I can pay bills etc.

-I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning before work, so that I can get some more prescriptions, and have a chat to her about my health in general.

-I am going to start exercising and get into shape! I've put on weight over the past year, and I'm now sitting at about 75kg, and want to get back down to 60kg. Basically I just want to be healthy, and avoid getting sick this winter!!

-Oh and I've made an appointment with my hairdresser (she does it from home, is absolutely excellent and cheap!) so I can get this regrowth fixed!!!

That's pretty much my life fixed.. for now.. in regards to my health, education, work life and happiness in general.

Hopefully this Friday night I will be going to the opening night of the Fringe festival, so that will be something exciting and different! 

I'm soon to start organising the dreaded top two cupboards of my wardrobe.
It will have to be done next week as this week my plans are:

Thursday: Doctors at 9.45am (eek early morning), and then work 1-9pm.

Friday: Seeing my good friend Kirsten and going to see the movie Valentine's day, then possibly the Fringe Festival with the boyfriend :)

Saturday: Work 10-5, not sure what to do Saturday night

Sunday: Work 11-5

Monday: Hair appt at 12.15 (YAY!)

That's about it for now.. I'll update after I get my hair done next week!

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